Richmond Kettlebell Club

It’s not only about the kettlebell….

Our trainers have used every system out there: weight machines, zhealth, bands, balls, balance, weighted balls, cable pulleys, tru-stretch—you name it. However, when we discovered kettlebells in 2008, we realized that this is the tool to best provide overall functionality and results. We have been the only kettlebell gym in Central Virginia for the last 7 years.

Our goal for you is General Physical Preparedness [GPP]. As Pavel Tsatsouline states, “…in Easy Strength, the Russian term ‘general strength’ refers to the strength ‘to perform any physical work more or less successfully.’ (Ozolin)” We feel that the kettlebell is the best tool for getting GPP.

Our trainers are lifelong athletes. GPP has enabled us to excel at many different sports. It also means that whatever your favorite sport, either we have personal experience in that sport, or, better yet, we have the GPP to perform in that sport—even if we have never tried it before.

Improving your GPP will make you better at your favorite sport(s) and it will enable you to be competitive in any sport or endeavor. We can help you achieve your goals.