Manh Nguyen, SFG1


(**Please note that Manh uses Richmond Kettlebell Club as a space to see HIS OWN clients and is NOT a Richmond Kettlebell Club employee.**)

Manh spent the first part of his professional career as a chemical engineer through Purdue University &
DuPont Company (1994-2004). During that stage of his life he enjoyed athletics and hobbies, such as basketball, tennis, windsurfing, and rock climbing. In 2004, Manh was given a great opportunity to help change peoples’ lives. He joined the staff of Active Escapes, now known as Richmond Kettlebell Club.  Since 2014, He is the owner of ManhStar Fitness and a Strength and  Conditioning coach at St. Catherines.  Through his new passion, Manh has been certified under NASM, FMS, RKC/SFG Kettlebell Instructor. Currently, he has logged over 15,000 client/student hours. Manh is proud to have impacted peoples’ lives by getting folks moving better and stronger.

·     Over 15,000 passionate hours of client based training logged.

·     Over 8 years using the Functional Movement Screen™ and well versed in corrective exercise implementation.

·     Implemented safe and effective programs to reduce risk of injuries and improve clients’ performance.

·     Developed goal oriented programs for age and sport appropriate clients.

·     Worked together with physical therapist, massage therapist, stretch specialist, and chiropractors in designing proper programs to rehabilitate and recondition clients.

·     Implemented science-based nutrition programs targeted to each client’s goal

·     Implemented and overseen On-Season and Off-Season Strength & Conditioning programs at St. Catherines since Fall 2014

·     NASM Certified Feb, 2008.

·     FMS Certified Feb, 2009

·     HKC Certified Feb, 2011

·     RKC Certified Feb, 2012

·     SFG Certified Feb, 2014

·     5.11 Rated Rock Climber

·     USTA 4.5 Rated Adult Tennis Player

·     Hard-style Kettlebell Expert

·    Proud father of 1 and 4 year old girls

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