Adult Classes
Class size: 3-8
StrongFirst and Manh inspired Exercise Classes.  Mixture of Kettlebell and Body Weight Drills in each class time.  Instructor led movement warm up and mobility cool down during each class.  Classes are designed for all levels of experience. Please contact Manh for details on how to get started.
Mon 9am & 6-7pm
Wed 6-6:50am
Thur 6-7pm
Fri 9am
Junior Classes (9-17 yr olds)
Class size: 3-6
After a couple of private sessions with Manh, each junior will be able participate in Junior hour.  Manh will provide routines for the junior to become a stronger athlete without sacrificing basic mobility and stability. Contact Manh for details.
Mon 5-6pm
Friday 4-5pm
Sat 9-10am
Closed Group Classes
Class Size: 2+
Start together and stay together.  Effective and result driven progressions and programs to get results without injury or sacrificing stability and mobility.  The classes can be catered toward each group’s goals.  Contact Manh or Jaime for more details and scheduling.