“Having been trained in kettlebells by an RKC trainer in St. Paul, I worked out individually on and off for a while until I had an opportunity to work with Cabell when I was visiting Richmond for a few days in the fall.  I had not had anyone critiquing my form and instructing me on corrections needed  since my original training.  With an FMS screen and 3 individual sessions, I made needed corrections to my stance, breathing, swing and getups, not to mention my confidence allowing me to progress rapidly to heavier bells. In addition, I am continuing to work on increasing my flexibility and mobility to overcome areas needing improvement identified on the FMS screen.   I have been able to work diligently on my kettlebell routine and have now registered to go through the RKC certification this coming June.  The setting at the Richmond Kettlebell Club is perfect, bright, clean, open and inviting regardless of your level and background in kettlebells.  The education and instruction I received was taught in a really supportive, encouraging way and works.  Results matter and I have improved in my form, strength and fitness as a direct result of my time at the Richmond Kettlebell Club and for that I Thank You!”–L. Read Sulik, MD, Minneapolis, MN

My physical therapist recommended Richmond Kettlebell Club because I was re-injuring myself in sports activities. He said I needed to become stronger and more able. In my 8 years with this organization, I have never been disappointed. The trainers always check-in with my current condition and tailor the workout to my needs and goals. I’ve come in sore from coughing and they’ve helped me work it out while being sensitive to my low energy level. Most importantly, they’ve guided me to mental habits in training and physical activities that keep me safe and healthy. I tend to overdo. RKC has helped me: not “go for broke,” but gradually increase the weight/intensity; lay off a cranky area and work around it; attend to proper form before increased intensity. I’ve enjoyed becoming more physically capable and energetic. I like the variety of my workout experiences. I enjoy the community atmosphere the staff has built. The staff has been a knowledgeable and sensitive guide in helping me recover from injury.–Phoebe A., Retired

Amazing! Everyone is really supportive and really cares. I like that safety is a priority. I feel pushed! It’s motivational. I appreciate the corrective measures they take to ensure my safety. I’ve been able to cut back on smoking, cut back on drinking and have lost weight by watching what I eat.–Justin U., Restaurant Manager

I had been working out since I was 22 and have done everything in town beginning with “Feeling Great” (Jane Fonda-ish). I have continued with TBC, STEP, Ultimate conditioning, power walks and mountain hiking. I still have no extra weight in my leges or fanny, but my core was so weak. I NEEDED A CHANGE!! My three sessions with Manh were excellent. He was so encouraging! His patience and attention to technique were so helpful. Meeting with him and learning the basics piece by piece gave me the confidence to join–the run to–the open classes. I really enjoyed the challenge of doing something new. It has been so exciting to realize that I can actually do this. I am excited about the “challenge” and taking kettlebells further. Heavy weights are not scary. I have read al lot about women my age using more weight training to help with posture, etc in the future. I can already tell my tendency to drop my head has improved. Core is key! Not zillions of reps! I have arthritis between my 6th and 7th vertibrae and in the past 4 years, I’ve been in and out of PT. It always got better but came back. My range of motion was terrible side to side and front to back and sounded like rice krispies! The improvement in those issues has changed the so much!! Great range of motion and no more rice krispies! I have never seen such passion from these young men–ever! You all genuinely seem to care about each and every one of us and are there to support/train and be a friend!–Kathe H., Mom

I wanted to increase my strength but stay safe. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. They help you reach your potential without pushing you too fast or too much. I feel a lot stronger without looking “beefed up.” I now know that more is not better, just more. I know when to push myself, but also when to take it easy. Stretching is just as important as working out. Keep doing the great job you do! Thanks!–Bennett H., Student

My massage therapist was tired of hearing me complain how my back and shoulders always hurt. She told me (in no uncertain terms) that I needed to do kettlebells. It’s been fantastic! I’m totally hooked. The level of instruction–the precise thorough way the instructors ensure that we’re safe (i.e. no injuries) is the best I’ve experienced. It’s an incredibly effective workout! The instructors are the best! They’re enthusiastic, positive and upbeat and are always available to help trouble-shoot my issues, questions and challenges. I’m able to do more (lift, endurance, cardio) than I thought possible. As a healthcare provider, I LOVE functional fitness and kettlebells are an excellent way to achieve and enhance it. This is something I can do the rest of my life! My back issues are gone.  My shoulder, injured long ago, no longer bothers me.–Margee K., Nurse Practioner

Cabell and I ski together all winter and then trek out to Utah for a big storm in the spring. With a desk job, staying in good enough shape to keep up with a professional trainer is not easy. I began attending kettlebell classes with Cabell last spring and the results were almost immediate and very significant. Cabell taught me the techniques necessary to maximize the benefits of the training and to minimize the risk of injury. At 40 years old, I feel stronger, more flexible and more energetic than ever, and I attribute this to Cabell’s excellent instruction.–Jonathan F., Lawyer

When I began seeing Manh, I had 20 year back and shoulder pain and limited flexibility. I really went because I needed an appointment to exercise since I hated to exercise. Within months my back and shoulder pain were gone! Manh is so knowledgeable about body mechanics that he was able to tailor exercise to my needs and vary the program so that it would not be boring and repetitious. The addition of kettlebell training has incredibly improved my strength and flexibility in upper body and lower body. I have more pep in my step from Manh’s thorough and individualized training and more inner harmony from Manh’s great personal philosophy and vibes! He is a 5 star trainer, but, most importantly, a 5 star person!–Claire K., Peridontist

I am probably one of Cabell’s more senior clients and have been working with him for over 6 years and during that time he has addressed different problem areas that need special attention. Cabell is knowledgable, focused, interested in my “issues” and pushes just enough to expand my capabilities. His introduction of kettlebells has significantly enhanced my routine, along with instruction, they have been effective in addressing particular problems, and have enabled a beneficial workout in the time frame available – Cabell continues to do a great job keeping me functional.–Jim W., Retired

Mahn has turned me from a spectator to a successful exerciser by accurately assessing my strengths and challenging my weaknesses better than any instructor I have encountered. My balance and body awareness have greatly improved. His use of kettlebells has enhanced these skills and put me on an effective course to improve my upper body strength as well. His training is varied and challenging yet sensitive to my needs of the day. He has taken on the challenge of working with my son who has Down syndrome and has taught him to use the kettlebells effectively. We are lucky to have him as a trainer and as a great friend.–Pat D.

I have been training with Cabell for nearly five years. During that time, he made the move to kettlebells. He is the finest trainer I ever have worked with, and kettlebells have made him even better. Totally hands-on. Pushes, but just the right amount.  Focused. Insistently one-on-one. Knows his trainees closely — their strengths and their weaknesses, and their foibles — and accommodates them all. He just may be the best in the business.  If he weren’t, schleps like me wouldn’t keep coming back — week in, week out — for five years.–Ross M., Retired

Manh not only has great training skills, but effectively communicates them! He challenges you past what you think you can do & works within your limitations. I enjoy working out with him because of his encouragement & patience & perseverance.  (And he makes killer spring rolls).–Robin

Cabell is a positive, intuitive, knowledgeable Kettle Bell freak! He pushes me…but not too hard and is spot on with correcting any issues I may have. He makes the experience fun. I look forward to our times together.–Susan

Following a knee replacement, I began working out with Manh. I think the exercises and his good individual instruction have helped to restore the strength and flexibility in my knee. When I am exercising with the kettlebell, I feel it is helping my strength, posture and balance. Manh is great at working with me on my level and at the same time challenging me to move forward.–Betty S

Training with Cabell Jones has restored a level of mobility, strength and fitness that I once thought impossible. And he makes it a fun and interesting learning experience! Cabell is a dedicated, knowledgeable professional. His teaching style is relaxed, friendly, engaging — and extremely effective. He’s THE BEST!–Clayton R.

Manh is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and effective trainer. I started coming to Manh a number of years ago after tearing my ACL in a skiing accident, I have not had surgery to fix the tear and due to Manh’s expert attention to the needs and challenges of my knee, I don’t think I ever will. Manh tailors each and every workout to suit your specific needs. The workout is never boring. Who knew kettlebells could be so much fun and so rewarding. I hazard to guess they wouldn’t be with many other trainers. Even when I arrive tired or grumpy, Manh always manages to make me laugh, learn and get the work done.–Anne C., Casting Director

Cabell Jones brings working with kettlebells out of the strict confines of a “workout” and elevates it to an art form. He has an appreciation for the mechanics and kinetics of the system and a very comfortable ability to communicate with his students. I have learned as much about kinetics, mechanics, and physiology as I have learned about kettlebells. He has a friendly and humorous style that he readily adapts to the individual he is working with. I have worked with Cabell both in private and group settings and have seen him manage a variety of skill levels, personalities, and physical challenges from his students at the same time, without neglecting anyone in the process.–Jerry S., Lawyer

You always remember good instruction. As the instructors at RKC like to say, “Practice, don’t work out.”  I like to say I am in the search for a perfect rep. To the untrained, the swing or the get up, or even a goblet squat look straightforward and not too complex. But I have been lucky enough to learn that proper form and proper technique are never simple, and there is always something you can improve upon when working out with Kettlebells.  Today I focused on creating tension with the weight and with my form. As a result, I swung a lighter weight than normal, with more tension and more focus on form, and I had one of my hardest workouts in a long time. I didn’t look at numbers, either with the weight of the bell or the number of reps. I concentrated on the movement, the feeling of my muscles firing correctly, and 40 minutes flew by  – a great workout. Muscles that I had ignored let me know they were being called upon – it was very satisfying.– K.D.