Small Group Training and Classes

Who says hard work can’t be fun? Be prepared bring your enthusiasm and focus.  Need accountability? An extra push the right way? Join a class!

Kettlebell classes are designed to give gold standard kettlebell training in a small group setting.  Each class is lead by SFG certified Trainer, Manh Nguyen.  All levels are open to all classes.  Manh will determine your performance level and will adjust accordingly during each class. Quality over quantity will be a must.  Manh has developed a safe and effective class structure to provide strength, mobility, and cardio training.

Jaime Rae, CSCS, also offers small group training classes with an attendance structure between 3-7 participants.  Jaime will design a class to fit you and your group’s individual needs and goals.  Whether you already have a group of friends or coworkers that you want to work out with, or are searching for a group training experience, small group training offers individual support and coaching as well as positive group encouragement.  She teaches all levels, from the beginner who has never picked up a kettlebell, to the more advanced kettlebell enthusiast.

Junior kettlebell classes are designed for ages 8-17.  These classes will allow juniors to build there movement and strength using kettlebell and body weight drills.  Each class will be lead by Manh Nguyen.  He will make sure the student practices a safe and controlled manner.  Prerequisites: this is determined by meeting with Manh Nguyen.